• Digital Malaria Diagnosis

    A smart, automated test for one of the worlds biggest killers

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  • Portable, Reliable, Low Cost

    Malaria diagnosis for communities previously out of reach

  • Powerful, Innovative, Social

    An ancient disease, a social issue, a 21st century solution

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Digital Malaria Diagnosis

xRapid is a revolutionary malaria test that can diagnose the disease quicker, cheaper and as accurately as any other test on the market. Using a system of pattern recognition, xRapid can diagnose malaria from thick or thin film blood slides at the click of a button. Our technology streamlines the diagnostic process by providing an accessible solution for health workers in the field.

Portable, Reliable, Low Cost

Our App uses a state of the art portable microscope weighing under five hundred grams. This enables xRapid to reach even the most remote areas that are struggling with malaria. The test is accurate to a minimum of 98%, is consistent and reliable in its results and robust enough to cope with harsh climes and hot temperatures. Added to all of this, it is the lowest cost per test on the global market.

Powerful, Innovative, Social

xRapid uses the power of the iPhone processor and its imaging to identify the shapes and colours of the malaria parasite. xRapid is an innovation that sidesteps the problems with currently available methods. It can be stored anywhere, taken anywhere and used anywhere with very little training required. Malaria is a deadly global health problem that causes a downward spiral of poverty in some of the most deprived parts of the world, xRapid gives many more people the means to test for the disease and treat it.

About us

We are a small company based primarily in London, UK with offices in Jakarta, Indonesia and San Francisco, USA. Over the past year we have developed and updated iPhone software for automatically diagnosing malaria.

The motivation behind the software hinges on the need for accessible and accurate early diagnosis of malaria for the hundreds of thousands of children and adults that die from symptoms of advanced malaria throughout the world.

xRapid saw its beginnings in a laboratory in Jakarta. Our CTO, Professor David Mendels, recognised that he was able to develop a mobile solution for malaria diagnosis after attending a conference. Since then he has created xRapid; a powerful automated malaria test that can be deployed anywhere in the field.

Basing our company in London, San Francisco and Jakarta gives us access to some of the world’s most active and innovative start-up communities and a three pronged operational advantage that opens up Africa, South America and Asia for the distribution of our product.

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