New branding, same values: xRapid is opening a new chapter

Since its creation in 2015, xRapid expanded very quickly by selling medical diagnostic tests all over the world. The two iPhone apps, xRapid-Lab (used by researchers) and xRapid-Malaria (used in the field), are now sold to retailers, NGOs, hospitals and independent practitioners on four continents. xRapid’s fight against malaria is getting more efficient every day and our impact on global health is now real. After this great medical achievement, xRapid decided to contribute to another global issue: Environment. New branch, new logos, new identity: xRapid is opening a new chapter…



xRapid-Environment: the Group is diversifying its activities



Asbestos is a real threat to the environment and thus public health. Exposure to asbestos fibre causes many forms of cancer (most commonly lung cancer), mesothelioma and asbestosis (lung diseases) and the impairment of respiratory function. Hundreds of millions of people are exposed to asbestos in their workplace and it kills more than 90,000 people every year.

When xRapid’s CTO confirmed that the technology used by our parasite counter apps could also be used to detect asbestos fibres and help prevent an environmental disaster, the decision was made quickly. After seven months of research and testing, xRapid is proud to announce the release of our new product: xRapid-Asbestos, a test kit detecting asbestos fibres in air samples. The technology used is very similar to our previous apps. xRapid-Asbestos will be very useful for the construction industry and is set to launch on the American market at the AIHce Congress in Seattle (June 2017).

“xRapid is going from strength to strength, as we develop new products inspired by the original xRapid-Medical diagnostic for malaria.”

Lord Jim Knight, xRapid’s Chairman



xRapid logos

New structure, new logos, same values

With the release of our new asbestos test kit, xRapid’s board saw the opportunity to launch a new branch: xRapid-Environment. Therefore, three distinct entities have emerged: xRapid-Group, xRapid-Medical and xRapid-Environment.

  • xRapid-Group is based in London and Marseille (where the R&D Centre is, in France).
  • xRapid-Medical, the essence of our activity, is based in London and focuses on medical diagnostic tests (such as malaria).
  • xRapid-Environment, our latest arrival, is based in the US and focuses on environmental diagnostic tests (asbestos for now).

To reflect these changes, we have redesigned our logos (see below).

The rebranding reflects both the evolution of xRapid and our vision for the future. But the value proposition remains the same: we believe in protecting people’s health by disrupting the testing world. We offer better outcomes, not just results. Thus, xRapid’s team is thrilled and more motivated than ever to work on this new environmental project.

Meet xRapid’s team!

A word from the Chairman

“xRapid is going from strength to strength, as we develop new products inspired by the original xRapid-Medical diagnostic for malaria. I am particularly excited by the potential of xRapid-Environment. To reflect these developments we have a new group structure and brand. As Chair of the Group, I will remain focussed on our group strategy and our significant contribution to global health improvement.”

Lord Jim Knight, xRapid’s Chairman.



Brand new premises for xRapid’s R&D Centre

With all these big changes, xRapid felt the necessity to expand the team. 18 people are now working full time in 4 countries and we are expecting other recruitments in the next few months. Currently located on the engineer school campus of the “École des Mines de Saint-Étienne” in the South of France, the R&D Centre will soon be based at On[e]Life, in l’Estaque, Marseille. The building will gather ten other biotech startups. Facilities will be made for medical research and biotechnologies. A 500-m² laboratory is available for the startups. Once the construction site is complete, the R&D team will be moving in, probably in October 2017.